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of all known Australian and proximity internet betting sites. We include information such as the various sports they operate on, method of placing bets, the percentage margins the bookmakers or totalisators operate on for various events, online access, betting types and plenty more. These links go to the home page while fast access to odds pages where available can be reached from the World Map. Please try our free release of the java 'Bookmaker Percentage Calculator' and perhaps save some of your gambling dollar. Know the advantage your bookie has over you for win and place betting. Launch it first and then visit your favourite bookie from our worldwide list. Bookmaker Percentage Calculator Betting Exchanges (Person To Person Betting) Betting Exchanges will without a doubt be the future for betting on racing or sports through the internet. They do not exist in Australia yet, and if legislation prevents their introduction, then off-shore havens will become the outlets that will allow punters to bet against other punters just as the buy and sell orders are placed on the stock exchange. This form of betting is now increasing in big percentage jumps every month in the UK via sites such as Flutter and Betfair. Click on the logo below and take up the offer of 10 in your account and play on the UK races just to get the feel of how this brilliant system operates. Competition is tough and Flutter is pulling out all stops to try to catch Betfairs turnover by only taking a 2.5% commission from the winnings only, while you will constantly get over the official bookmaker fluctuations. Click here for a free 10 pound flutter! In the last 3 years that this site has operated it has steadfastly refused to align itself with bookmakers or totalisators to maintain credibility. With the introduction of the online betting exchange concept, because of their passive nature simply as a supplier of a service to punters without trying to extract ever increasing dollars from them, The Betting Ring will willingly affiliate itself with, or advertise these type of services. Support by clicking on affiliate logos as above will ensure that this site continues to improve, update and offer more to help you keep your gambling dollar, including the work of programming the bookmaker simulation, Punter v Bookie.